Frequently Asked Questions
for Parents of New Students at Apperson Elementary

Can I volunteer?

Yes! You will have many opportunities to volunteer at Apperson.  If you want to volunteer in the classroom, at PTA sponsored events, chaperone a field trip, etc. you must fill out the LAUSD Volunteer Application online at https://volunteerapp.lausd.net, print, sign, and return the Volunteer Application and Volunteer Commitment Form to the Apperson Elementary School Parent Center, along with a copy of your most current Tuberculosis (TB) test clearance (no older than four years).  The TB test is valid for four years, but the volunteer application needs to be filled out every year.  Once approved, your volunteer badge will be on file in the office and you will need to wear it every time that you volunteer.   Contact Mrs. Adams, Parent Center Representative, for more information.

What events does the PTA sponsor?

The PTA sponsors many events and activities throughout the year to enhance the school experience for our students and staff, including:

*New Student Orientation           *Ice Cream Social                      *Fall Festival                 *Reflections Art Contest

*Holiday Shop                           *School Beautification               *Teacher Appreciation Luncheons

*Honorary Service Awards         *Jog-a-thon/Read-a-thon            *Book Fair                    *Science Fair

*Yearbook                                *5th Gr. Culmination Activities (Field Trip, Class Picnic, Culmination Ceremony)

In addition, the PTA supports the Science Lab, Computer Lab, Library, and Health Office with materials as needed.

What time can students be dropped off in the morning? 

The gates on Day Street and Woodward Avenue open at 7:30am.  There is a Campus Aide present to supervise the students in line.

Where should I park for drop off in the morning?

Parent volunteers run a Valet Drop-Off on Day Street in the morning and will open your car door, assist your student in getting out and will close the door behind them.  Please use this service when dropping your student off, as it is the safest and fastest way to get your student delivered to school.  Please note that there is no valet drop off at the Woodward Gate.  There is short term parking (5 minutes or 15 minutes) on Woodward Ave and Day Street from 7am to 9am if you prefer to park and walk your child to either gate.  There will be student volunteers at both gates to walk younger students to their lines if requested.  Please do not ever park in the bus zone on Woodward Ave – there is a very large fine for parking in bus zones.  Please avoid double parking at all times.   Student safety must be a priority for everyone.

What is the bell schedule?

The school day starts promptly at 8:00 am.  First Recess is 10:10 am – 10:30 am.  Second Recess is 10:40 am – 11:00 am.  First Lunch is 11:50 am – 12:30 pm.  Second Lunch is 12:30 pm – 1:10 pm.  Dismissal on Tuesday is always at 1:21 pm.  Dismissal on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday is at 2:21 pm.

Classrooms are assigned to first or second recess based on the number of students that can flow through the lunch area at a time.  Their assignment will change on inclement weather days when the students are divided among three lunch periods so that they all fit in the auditorium.  Each classroom will have a table assignment and they are responsible for cleaning their area before they are dismissed to the yard.

What’s for snack/lunch?

Recess is 20 minutes, so please send a snack with your child.  There are designated eating areas on the yard for them to sit and enjoy their snack.  Please inform your student that we do not allow them to share snacks with other students because of food allergy and food safety concerns.  Kindergarteners have the opportunity to purchase milk or juice for their snack for 50 cents.  Their teachers collect those orders in the morning at attendance time and send snack monitors to collect them at recess time.   Lunch is served daily for $3.00.  The school lunch includes a main dish, a vegetable, a fruit and milk.  A menu is available online, however the menu is subject to change without notice so please warn your student that menu changes may happen. You can view the menu and apply for free/reduced lunch at: http://achieve.lausd.net/Page/462 .  Your student will have a number assigned by the cafeteria and you can prepay for their lunches on the website or at the cafeteria.

What is Breakfast-in-the-Classroom?

All students will be given the opportunity to eat breakfast first thing while the teacher takes attendance.  This is a federally funded program, but it is completely optional.  If you prefer your student to eat breakfast at home, they may simply choose not to take the food offered in the classroom.

Where will I be able to find my student’s missing lunch box or jacket?

All unclaimed lunch bags and jackets are taken to the “Lost and Found” across from room 9.   If your student’s name and room number are written on the item, it will have a good chance of being returned to your student in a timely manner, usually the same day.  Parents and students should check the “Lost and Found” periodically for missing items. We donate several large bags of jackets and clothing every year that are never claimed and do not have names on them.

Where do the students line up in the morning?

All students line up on the main yard.  Classroom numbers are painted on the ground at the line of trees nearest the grass field. Students should line up behind their assigned classroom number.

Where do the students line up on rainy days?

Students will be able to enter at the normal gates.  They should walk to the auditorium where their teacher will collect them when the bell rings.

How often will my child visit the library, science lab, and computer lab?

Every classroom has the opportunity to visit the library, science lab and computer lab on a weekly basis.  Teachers sign up for the best times for their schedules and will be letting you know those times at Back to School Night.

When is the best time to schedule doctor and dentist appointments?

If at all possible, please schedule these appointments after school.  Please note that any day that your student comes late or leaves early, they will have a tardy on their record.  The district must keep track of every absence, since every minute in the classroom is important to the success of your student.

Where do I pick up my child after school?

ETK, TK, and Kindergarten classes are released from either the Kinder Yard at the gate on Woodward Ave or at the Auditorium Gate on Apperson.  Please confirm with your child’s teacher.  The teachers will not let them exit the gate until they see you.  First, Second, and Third Graders are dismissed from the gate on the main yard on Woodward Ave.  Fourth and Fifth Graders are dismissed from the gate on the main yard on Day Street.

What are the options for after school care?

Apperson has a number of after school programs.  Youth Services (YS) is a free district program for after school care that is available from school dismissal until 6pm for 2nd – 5th graders.  Creative Kids offers after school care for students in ETK- 1st grade (additional fee) and NOVA offers enrichment classes throughout the school year for all grades (additional fee).  Applications are available in the office and services start on the first day of school.  There are also a number of options in the community that will come and pick up your student from school for a fee.  Please contact them directly for details about their programs and services.

Are there any music or art programs?

Third, Fourth, and Fifth graders have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument with the orchestra.  Apperson also has a dance and theater program for the lower grade levels.  The PTA also sponsors the Reflections Art Program, a national arts recognition and achievement program for students.  To participate, students submit an original piece, inspired by the annual theme, in one of six categories: dance choreography, literature, photography, film production, music composition, or visual arts.

Can I bring treats or snacks for my child’s birthday?

Yes, but please make arrangements with your student’s teacher in advance. Snacks and treats are to be brought in during the last 10 minutes of the school day.  Please be aware that if you do not have a volunteer badge, you will not be able to attend events in the classroom or deliver the snacks.  Please also note that only teachers and those taking pictures for the yearbook staff may take pictures of school events with multiple students in them.  To protect the privacy of all students, you may only take pictures of your student.  For food safety reasons, you must have a food handler’s certificate issued by the school nurse if you would like to bring homemade snacks or baked goods.  If you do not have the certificate, then you may only bring store-bought goods to share.