5th Annual
Apperson Elementary School
Read-a-thon Fundraiser
September 16-27, 2019

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We are excited to announce our annual Read-a-thon! This is a fun event to encourage kids to read and build literacy skills while also raising money for the Apperson PTA without any selling. 100% of the proceeds go straight to the PTA to support our mission of benefiting all students at Apperson.

Here’s how it works:

  • This year’s Read-a-thon will run from September 16 through September 27.
  • Before it starts, students ask for pledges (either a flat donation or a donation per minute read) from family and friends. Use the Pledge Form to record the pledges. Cash and checks payable to Apperson PTA will be accepted, as well as credit card payments through our website. This can be especially convenient for out of town sponsors; visit for an email template. (Don’t forget that donations may be tax deductible!)
  • Once the Read-a-thon starts, students should read, read, read as much as they can! See below for what reading counts. They can keep track of how many minutes they’ve read each day on the Reading Tracker; parents must sign the sheet at the end. No guessing or rounding up minutes; please use a clock or timer and be honest, so this can be fair and fun for everyone!
  • After the Read-a-thon ends, collect any remaining pledges and turn them in with your Pledge Form and Reading Tracker by Wednesday, October 2, 2019.

What reading counts?

  • Anything before September 16 or after September 27 does not count. (Don’t forget, our Fall Book Fair also starts on September 16, so you may want to get a new book or two from the Book Fair for the Read-a-thon!)
  • Reading during class time does not count, but reading during recess or lunch does count!
  • For younger students, being read to by someone else does count.
  • Reading aloud to someone else (or a pet or stuffed animal) does count. If that person is also participating in the Read-a-thon, it counts for both of you!
  • Reading something assigned as homework does count.
  • Reading instead of doing your homework or your chores does not count.

Prizes! In order to be eligible for a prize, students must turn in a completed Reading Tracker, Pledge Form, and all collected pledges (including online pledges) by Wednesday, October 2, 2019.

  • Every student who participates gets a Read-a-thon Tiger Tag!
  • Every student who reads at least the suggested goal for his/her grade (see the Reading Tracker) will be entered into a raffle for wonderful bookstore gifts and prizes!
  • For each classroom, the students with the most pledges collected and the most minutes read will receive exclusive Reader Leader Tiger Tags!

Pledges turned in after October 2 will be gratefully accepted but unfortunately will not be eligible for prizes.

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Happy reading!

Download the Pledge Form and Reading Tracker here

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