Purchase your Pawprint for the 2017-2018 Apperson Yearbook!

Parents, you will be able to purchase and create your Pawprints online and order yearbooks at the same time.  Please have your photographs ready when you place your order.  Online ordering information will be coming soon!

The deadline to order yearbooks online will be April 19, 2018.  All yearbooks ordered online will be personalized.  Orders placed through the school will not be personalized, but can be ordered until May 15, 2018.  All yearbooks are $25 and will arrive around June 1, 2018.

A Pawprint is a great way for you to recognize your child’s accomplishments and to send them a word of encouragement.  The deadline to submit a Pawprint or Loveline order online is March 25, 2018.  If you prefer to submit your order at school, the deadline is March 23, 2018.

Here are your options:

Lovelines – $5
This is a written message of no more than 25 words.

1/8 page Pawprint – $10
A picture and a message fit well in this space.

1/4 page Pawprint – $30
You can fit 2-3 pictures and a message in this space.

We have two additional options for 5th grade families:

1/2 page Pawprint – $45
You can fit multiple pictures and a large type message in this space

Full Page Pawprint – $90
You can fit 5 – 7 pictures and use your full creativity in this space.

If you have any questions, please email us at or leave a message in the office at 818-353-5544.