Orchestra Program at Apperson in Jeopardy


By now you may have heard that our school has decided to no longer fund the orchestral music program at Apperson.  This means that for the 2016-2017 school year, orchestra instruction will not be offered.  If you are concerned about the decision to eliminate this program, you are encouraged to contact the following people:

Steven McCarthy, K-12 Arts Coordinator

Rory Pullen, Executive Director of the Arts

Monica Ratliff, Board of Education Member – Board District 6

Just last month, the Los Angeles School Board approved $356,000 for the purchase of new instruments for elementary orchestral music programs. Mr. Pullens states in this article that instrumental music is the most requested arts form on the elementary level.

Ms. Ratliff is quoted in the article saying she is “thrilled that we are dedicating funds to provide more musical instruments to our schools and, most importantly, our students.”

Only about a third of the elementary schools in the district have an orchestra and there are more than a dozen schools currently on a wait list for an orchestra program (according to this article: http://www.scpr.org/…/pulling-strings-to-make-the-dream-of…/ )




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