Mixed Bag Designs Fundraiser

Mixed Bag Designs Fundraisers

Hi Apperson Elementary PTA Parents, Friends & Family!

It’s fundraising time again! Mixed Bag Designs is helping Apperson Elementary PTA reach our fundraising goals this year! Proceeds from this fundraiser will go towards purchasing items to upgrade our computer lab – in addition to the 40 new computers that the PTA has approved, we still need typing software, a new version of Kid Pix, headphones, and printing supplies to complete the lab.

Seller packets are going home – make sure to check those backpacks if you haven’t seen it yet!

We’re offering eco-friendly totes, accessories, kitchenware and tons of fantastic products – there’s something for everyone in these catalogs.

Mixed Bag Designs Fundraising Reminder
We’re Collecting Orders Now!

  • You can click here to view the catalogs. Let’s get orders in, collect payment and hand in our checks this week! All orders are due no later than Friday, March 20th. ¬†We appreciate all of your support!

Happy Fundraising,
Apperson Elementary PTA


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